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Teamwork is a term often used when it meets a marketing need, but at CEI, it's a part of our business model.  With multiple regional office locations (Bentonville is the home office), we have incorporated practices in our daily work routine that allow us to work effectively and efficiently, whether team members are sitting side-by-side or separated by hundreds of miles (offices from Pennsylvania to California and from Texas to Minnesota).  We believe that our internal practices extend to our outside team members as well and we often collaborate with team professionals whom may be scattered at many locations, both near and far.  Although we have the technology and tools in place, as do many firms, we believe that our distinction is our comfort level in using all of the tools at hand to effectively and efficiently produce the required design documents for a project.

CEI's Guiding Principles

We believe in the people of CEI; therefore, we will provide all our people with a proactive, challenging, open work environment, compensation consistent with productivity, and an opportunity to grow.


We believe integrity is a foundation of all long-term relationships; therefore, we will expect honesty and completeness in all business transactions, communications, and dealings.


We believe who we are as individuals and as a company is defined by the quality of our products and services; therefore, we will provide the systems, procedures, resources, and training necessary for each person to excel and will hold each other accountable for excellence.


We believe that communication is critical to all business relationships; therefore, we will develop, implement, and maintain systems that assure that all who need to know, do know and on a timely basis.


We believe profitability is essential for continuous service to our clients and to each other; therefore, we will expect client relationships to be profitable and each other to be productive.


We believe a profitable, growing business should, from its abundance, invest in the communities that sustain it; therefore, we will make corporate and encourage individual investment in selected charitable activities in these communities.


We believe that continuing client relationships are a significant asset of the company; therefore, consistent with our Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles, we will endeavor to make every client a repeat client.



Jeffrey D. Geurian, PE, FACEC


Richard W. Rogers, RLA

Principal/VP of Finance

Brent L. Massey, PE

Principal/VP of Operations

Steve Pawlaczyk, PE

Walmart Client Sector Leader

Charles 'Chip' Ashley, RLA

Small Retail Client Sector Leader

Commercial II Dept. Manager

Kevin Hall, PLS

Survey Department Manager

Thomas Oppenheim, PE

Local Development Dept. Manager

David Tipton

Restaurant Client Sector Leader

Jeff Bresee, PE

Sports Facilities/Client Sector Leader

Dallas Department Manager

Scott Richardson

IT Director

Kimberly Davis

Human Resources Manager

Jean Jenks



Director of Marketing & Business Development

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